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Nobody, I know, uses Livejournal anymore, but I felt I had to write something down somewhere, and I didn't want to flood my Tumblr with writing, so yeah.

I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately, and it's so irritating (not really haha) how I know it's fiction, but it still fills me with so many emotions, and thoughts of "what if".
What if this happened? or I wonder what is going on with the lives of his past companions.
It's all fake, I know, and my emotions are somewhat fake as well, I mean, I only feel them in the context of fiction.

So anyway.
Rose Tyler. Her story is probably the most tragic to me, and I say probably...because of Donna.
I keep imagining how absolutely horrible it must be to love someone SO much that you continuously give up your life for them and then being torn from them, knowing that they're still somewhere out there dreaming of you.
The Doctor sacrificed himself for Rose many times, and Rose sacrificed her life for him many times as well. The last sacrifice leaving her in a parallel universe, forever separate from him.
She made her way back to him, but he chose to leave her in the parallel universe because he loved her so much that he didn't want her to have to suffer through him.
She got her own Doctor. A duplicate of her Doctor, but the original Doctor is stuck alone.
So the story is still tragic.

Then Donna, awesome Donna.
She saved the entire universe (they all have, really) but in doing so, she realized that she is worth something. She was always doubting herself, and hiding behind snarkiness, but she beat the odds and became something absolutely magnificent, and then...she saw all of time and space and she had to have her memory wiped or her head would explode, so she's back to old Donna, before The Doctor. Hiding behind her wit, with only the potential of being something great. The Doctor can't speak to her, and she can't see him or even hear of him.
Makes me wonder, what if I've lived a life of magic and wonder at some point in time, and it had to be wiped clean, and there are friends, lovers and entire civilizations thinking of me.
So not true, but it's a fun/sad thought.

Amy and Rory's story is actually really ridiculous as well.
They've both seen each other die.
Rory waited 2000 years for Amy, and Amy had to wait over 3 decades for him.
In the end, the Doctor saved them by returning them to their home before tragedy could befall them.


Oh Doctor Who.
Too many emotions.

But it makes for magnificent dreams.

So plenty many of lots have happened since I last updated this thing.

I got a job.
I made new friends.
I became vegan.
I saw a lady get hit by a car. I don't know if she's alive.
I turned 21.

Lots and lots of stuff.

But I just got home from work a couple of hours ago, so I suppose I'll talk about that.
Actually...all of those points tie together.

So I became vegan.
For several reasons, mostly concerning the well-being of the earth, and how our necessities as human beings are being stretched out to make us seem like frail and stupid creatures who need to rely on the exploitation of others to survive.

Being vegan has definitely limited my choices when eating out, so on my 21st birthday (things are startin' to come together) I went to Happy Veggie with my family, to eat.
It's a vegan restaurant in Redondo Beach, California.

I was served by a young Russian man, and when I looked up at the counter, I saw my friend Patricia up there.
It took me by surprise, so I went up there and hugged her.
When the meal was over, I asked about getting a job there.

She gave me her number, and said to text her about it, and she'll explain more.

I ended up going to eat there the next day, because my friends Miguel and Karina, who are ridiculously nice to me, and make me feel special, wanted to make sure I had something to eat while we were hanging out.
Patricia (and the Russian guy) were both there again, so she decided to talk to me about the job right there.

Story cut short, I got the job and went in the very next morning.

Since then, I've been working long hours, serving, cleaning, cutting vegetables, going up and down stairs, counting money and laughing.

It's great fun working with Patricia, and I've become great friends with the guy who served me for my birthday, because we work together a lot. His name is Ruslan, he's awesome and he's my favorite.
(Though I swear he's hitting on me...)

It's just so much fun working there.
The manager is a sweet lady, my coworkers are the best.
I'm getting money for hard work, but it's so much fun because I have friends there.
It's like a family, and I love that.

I feel I need that, because I don't trust a lot of my "friends" anymore.
I don't know who genuinely likes me and who doesn't.

These people are just so sweet, and funny and I can't get enough.
I only hope I make them feel as comfortable as they make me.

The only side-effect of all this, is tired feet.
I stand and walk a lot more, and so my feet are hurting by the end of the day.

I'm also learning Russian words, because Rus is teaching me randomly.
Trish gets mad because we waste a lot of post-its writing words and drawing things.

I hope this isn't too good to be true.
I seriously do.

I get money.
Free vegan food.
And friends.


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For remembrance:

green onion
bread crumbs
Salt and pepper

It’s a prism filled with remains.

There’s a drum in that box,
But no hands there to beat it.

There’s a sock in that shoe,
But not foot there to fill it.

I’ve carried out your last requests,
But you can’t remember what they were
It seems…
You can’t recall the best of things.

How come every rock I pile,
Every leaf that I stand,
Every tree that I treat, a while,
Never understand…?

Maybe because they’re nothing but remains,
Of shatters stars, nothing but a pretty stain…
Unable to speak, or think.
They can’t take the blame.

Blame the speaker,
And the piler,
And the stander.
He’s the one who treats the ones who never ask(ed) to be treated.

He seats the old lady, who never asked to be seated.
He kisses the cheek, that doesn’t want to be kissed.
And leaves the door open for the shriveled and weak.

I’m sleepy, but I can’t go to sleep.
So I write.

I try not to post them here though.
Oh well.

The End.

I still have yet to hear a tree roar.
I haven't seen a jump to mars.

I'm resting my achind jaw againt a green pillow, and wondering why it's that way.
I leaned a certain way, and it wasn't enjoyable.
Now I lay and wait until it's subsided.

I'm sure it's some sort of metaphor.

Anyway, today was the first time in a long time that I have been angry, and it's disappointing that it had to be towards something that's inanimate.
The glue wouldn't dry, and the board wouldn't stand straight.

I'm vegan.

I swear the world's a show.
I'm a performer.

Does that mean I'm a liar?
I'm not pretending.

You are, though.
You're still the person you say you're not.
The change isn't as drastic as I previously thought.

I'm going to remove my watch and watch a dream

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Current Music: Sea of Bees - Skinnybone

Fidel Salinas
Fidel Salinas
Hey buddy

12 AprilRamón Castellón

12 AprilFidel Salinas
How are thing?

12 AprilRamón Castellón
How are you?

12 AprilFidel Salinas

12 AprilRamón Castellón

12 AprilFidel Salinas
What does one do once they've done everything they've wanted?

12 AprilRamón Castellón

12 AprilFidel Salinas
I'm not found of off oneself.

12 AprilRamón Castellón

12 AprilFidel Salinas
Wanna hangout?

12 AprilRamón Castellón
Haha You're silly

12 AprilFidel Salinas
Its in my nature

12 AprilRamón Castellón

12 AprilFidel Salinas
When are you free?
And do you wanna do a few walls with me?

12 AprilRamón Castellón
Haha No

12 AprilFidel Salinas
Legal walls silly
I know you are all law this and law that

12 AprilRamón Castellón
Yeah, so what? And I just don't want to anyway haha

12 AprilFidel Salinas
I wanna get to know you.

12 AprilRamón Castellón
Are you drunk or something? haha

12 AprilFidel Salinas
I wanna know why you don't except the chaos that's life.
I know you are smart enough to understand it.

12 AprilRamón Castellón

12 AprilFidel Salinas
I don't know why you conform to man mad rules.

12 AprilRamón Castellón
The same reason you wear clothes in public, and are using a computer, and do whatever the heck you do.

12 AprilFidel Salinas
More liking bending them
I really wanna get together with you.

12 AprilRamón Castellón
Considering you're far, and you want me to do things I obviously don't really care for...I don't see why I would want to.

12 AprilFidel Salinas
I don't want you to do anything.
Well anything you don't wanna di
I've sold a few of my paintings and I could go visit you

12 AprilRamón Castellón
I have things to do.
Lots of projects (that I actually find FUN) that I need to finish.

12 AprilFidel Salinas
How do you know this wont be fun?

12 AprilRamón Castellón
I don't. But I also don't know if lots of other things I could be doing would be fun.

12 AprilFidel Salinas
What about just to show me the artist there?

12 AprilRamón Castellón
I don't really know them too well. I don't like them very much.
They're big headed to me, and boring.

12 AprilFidel Salinas
If you don't wanna hang its cool

12 AprilRamón Castellón
Sorry, your idea of me is a bit skewed, because I enjoy going to school.
I feel like art organizations suck the fun out of art.
And my idea of fun is sitting outside in a tree and drawing.
Not "breaking rules" and what not.
Rather, ignoring them.

12 AprilFidel Salinas
I don't do art organization, and I live in a ranch so we have the same idea of beautiful.

12 AprilRamón Castellón
Then what you're doing is assuming a looot about me.

12 AprilFidel Salinas
That's why I want to chill with you.

12 AprilRamón Castellón
Murrmrrr well we'll have to discuss this on a later date, because I'm about to ride bikes to the beach with my friends.
So peace.

about an hour agoFidel Salinas
i still want to write a paper on you
or make a film

about an hour agoRamón Castellón
Wait, what? haha

about an hour agoFidel Salinas
i told you this
you interest me
you are the exact opposite of me.

about an hour agoRamón Castellón
No, you never mentioned a paper

about an hour agoFidel Salinas
Just did

about an hour agoRamón Castellón
I always hated that comment.
Because I was obviously talking about the past.

about an hour agoFidel Salinas
i know
most people do
so what do you say?
i know we aren't the best of buds
and you most likely think the worst of me
but i'm not really all that bad.

32 minutes agoRamón Castellón
I don't know what kind of response you want out of me.
I mean, I'm sure from your perspective, I appear frustrated or something.
But your constant random IMs are just a thing in the day.
"Oh, here's this Texan. Might as well NOT ignore him."
I also don't understand how you could possibly write a paper based on these mediocre conversations.
"You're the exact opposite of me." haha I don't quite see how you've determined that.

We're connected by life and by death.
We all put the dead within us to delay ourselves from joining them.

I love you because, when I look in your eyes, I see my reflection.

I had a dream that I went to Japan again, and was staying with this really kind, traditional, Japanese family.
The oldest daughter, presented me with a traditional like, sweet rice thing, with this big drawing of old Japanese culture.
(For some reason, I guess I was lacking manners in my dream, because I colored it all gray. I don't know why.)

Then, I sat down on their couch, and fell asleep for hours, apparently.
I woke up, and felt like the most rude person ever, for falling asleep on them.
So I got up, and talked with the oldest daughter, and she wanted to outside to explore.

So we walked outside, and then some of my friends were there.
We were walking through this big bustling city, when we come up to a Taco Bell.
Only, this Taco Bell was really weird, because there was this fancy photo thing in the back.
It seemed like all the people who worked there were Russian, and weird looking
I notice that they're making the girls in front of the guys, sit on their laps when they took the picture, so I was like, "Score, there's this pretty girl in front of me. I'll just take a picture with her."
'Cause there was this other girl behind me, that I didn't want.

So we get inside, and the girl in front of me sits in front of someone else!
Then, my sister, Jessica, and my cousin, Lynn, were there too.
So I was like, "Jessica. Don't sit on my lap. Lynn, just sit here, 'cause I don't want that girl."
And they both walked away laughing.
So I sat there all alone, while the lady looked around to see if any girl wanted to sit on my lap.

They all refused haha :(

So I walked out, without taking a photo.
Everyone had disappeared, so I started looking for them all over the city.

I ran into this old guy, and even said, "Gomenasai" in my dream 0___0
(means Forgive me)
Then I ran into this sad, cute dog who I petted.

I ran into Adriana Barba for some reason. Which is weird, considering I haven't even spoken with her since High School basically. But I told her, "Hey! Have you seen my friends!" and she's like, "No! But how did you spot me in the crowd!" and I said, "I can spot you from a mile away."
And she seemed creeped out by that, for some reason.

But I walked away, and realized...I left my phone on the couch I had fallen asleep on!!

So I continued to go looking around town, and then I ran into...

Ash, Brock, Misty and Jessie from Pokémon.

They were in the sewer, looking for something.
So I follow them, and they had to dive under this underwater fence to get to the other side, but it meant we'd have to hold our breaths for a long time.

We did it, and we almost ran out of breath.

Then, I separate from them, and find this old factory place, and make my way to the back where some weird experiments were going on.
I find this place covered in a lot of powder, and some guy was surprised to have been found after a long time, apparently.
So he walks out, and some guy who followed me back there was surprised to see that guy that I found!

They looked relieved, like the first guy had been under some experiments.
But then people started following me, and looking for me, and I find my way to this weird circus place with my cousin Ramiro, who found me naked and cold. (Don't know why)
I put on my clothes, and we drive around the circus, but we couldn't find a way out, so we walk around.

We find this really racist family.
My dad comes out of nowhere, and one of the sons in the family called my dad, "Pedro." and I laughed, but my sister, Jessica, called him stupid-ass, and the mom of the guy joined in, saying all these racist things.
So I tried to calm everyone down, but no one listened, so I walked out.

I ran into like...I guess the Morr Music Record Company making a new music video for Sin Fang, 'cause they needed my help in being a spider.

So...I became a spider.
I was crawling all over the walks, going backwards and forwards, flipping over things.
It was awesome.

Then, after impressing them, I lie down on the floor.
And they ask me why a spider, and why I didn't want to kill the one that was on the floor.
I replied saying that I love spiders, I love insects, I love living things.
The spider turned into this really colorful, beautiful, little...thing...
It looked like a cross between a jellyfish and a sea cucumber haha

Then, I remembered that I needed to find my friends, so I asked for a phone so I could try to call mine or something.

Then I woke up, and my phone was right here. :^D

I'm sure I messed up some of the order of the dream.
Also, I just woke up, so the writing is probably crap, but I wanted to get it down, before I forgot it.

That's all.

I'm learning & learning.
Yearning & yearning.

Gangpol & Mit makes me smile.
They make me bob my head.

I've got ideas for several art creations.
Time to put my thoughts to action.

My hand isn't touching yours, but together, we create shape.
We have volume, and mass and space and love.

Hey, all.


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